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Blending your new blog with a current business

I’m a firm believer that a blog will enhance any professional’s standing, and can promote any business!

The simplest way to blend a blog with your current business is to create a business blog.

And, there are some innovative ways to shake up your industry and build an audience while doing so.

For example, if you’re in real estate, you don’t have to just post about houses, preparing a home for sale, and the dreaded ’10 Things To Do Before Selling Your Home” post.

You can:

  • Post about local businesses — place yourself as an expert in one area
  • Write a blog for dog lovers giving ideas of local parks, pet-friendly restaurants, and homes built for a pooch.
  • Become the downsizing expert, talk about minimalism, smaller homes, and the benefit of selling larger places.

Stay on Topic

Reading the room and linking a blog with what your audience cares about is important. If your business and your interests are vastly different that’s okay too. Perhaps you should consider two different businesses if your blog is about sewing and your day job is an estate planning attorney.

Position yourself as an expert

This is where a lot of people throw their hands up an walk away, because “I’m not an expert at anything!” However, you don’t need to be a guru, you just need to contribute. What I mean by that, is on a blog you share free information, experience, and ideas. They do not need to be the best. But, when we put out our ideas and experiences we are able to help those that are just a little bit behind us. So if you know just a little bit more than the absolute beginner, you can blog and you are the expert!

Be clear on what you offer

In this blog you’ll see a lot of free information and how to articles. I also have a page where I list the services that I offer. Being clear as to what I offer, my background is in branding and web design, so I offer these services which I promote on this blog. Have a clear offering to your readers. Create services and products that support you in making the content that you do.

I'm a firm believer that a blog will enhance any professional's standing, and can promote any business!


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