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Buy a domain

So you’ve picked out a blog name and you are ready to buy your domain. Congrats! Here’s how to search for and purchase a website name (domain).

When you “buy a domain name” what you are technically doing is registering your right to use a web address for a certain amount of time. Namecheap and other services like GoDaddy (not recommended) are licensed by iCANN that governs the availability of web adresses.


– If you are NOT ready to work on your blog yet, but just want to purchase the name, you don’t need to buy hosting or an SSL certificate, yet.

Step 1


Go to


Step 2


Navigate to “Domains” and select “Domain Name Search”



Step 3


Find the domain name you want.

*If your just claiming your domain and aren’t ready to build a website, continue through the checkout.

*If you’re ready to build your blog, you’ll also need to purchase hosting and an SSL certificate.

Step-by-Step How to Buy a Website Name (Domain) for your blog with Namecheap.