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Deciding on a blog topic

Okay, so you “buy in” to the fact that you need a blog for professional development.

And that the magic of a blog is in how it grows and centralizes an audience from your in-person network and social media.

But, now you’re either two kinds of people…

A. The type of person that has SO many blog topics it’s turning into an encyclopedia of hobbies and interests


B. The type of person who has no idea of even one blog topic they could write about that would help them in their career

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Where do you have an “audience” already?
  • What do you have in common with your clients or industry?
  • What does being an expert in your field look like?
  • What if I’m not an expert, yet?
  • What kind of opportunities do I want to get from a blog?

Where do you have an “audience” already?

Transitioning from in-person groups to online, you already have an audience. An audience is people will listen to you.

For my children, as I establish an online blog for them so that in the future they’ll have an advantage in the search engines, there audience is family and friends. They are looking for updates on developmental milestones and cute pictures. I share these things because it’s a convenient place and when they are old enough to want to do something with a blog, they’ll have a place with an audience.

When you know what audience you have, then ask yourself; what would they like to hear about?

What do you have in common with your clients or industry?

For real estate agents picking a blog topic, I’ve seen a lot of success blogging about a smaller neighborhood, or specific interest of a client and the blogger. Topics could include; “micro-homes in the Seattle Area”, and “minimal living”.

I work with Issaquah Highlands Counseling Group and they have a long-running blog series “Ask Kari,” that is syndicated in a local newsletter.

What does being an expert in your field look like?

Sometimes what is blocking ideas for blog topics is a preconceived notion of what an expert should like in our industry.

Should graphic designers only blog about logos?

A blog is a space that because we create it, we get to set the rules of how we show up.

Sure, in some industries there are more “rules” than others. The medical, legal, and financial fields are much more regulated than say, coaching. But, there is still plenty of opportunities to find blog topics.

Another client, Divorce for Grownups, has an incredible blog about divorce in Washington State but also dives into case studies that educate readers on special circumstances, like if you’re a business owner getting divorced.

What if I’m not an expert yet?

Quite simply, the time to start a blog is not when you’re already an expert, but when you decide to become one!

Just like the power of compound interest, blogging becomes more beneficial the longer that it’s done.

Blog about your journey to become an expert, interview people that already are. Talk about new ideas.

Pretty soon, you’ll become the expert, and you’ll have a platform with an audience!

What kind of opportunities do I want to get from a blog?

There are a lot of ways to make money blogging. Read an article I wrote here.

How you are going to monetize your blog will also determine which blog topics are going to be the most successful.

As a professional using my blog as an online resume, my blog topics would be around different skills that I have, commentary of industry news, and portfolio pieces.

If I want to make money with a blog from advertising products (affiliate or influencer marketing) I would blog about products and how they can be used. For example, the food blogger who links the pan he uses and earns a commission.

Your blog topics should set you up to eventually advance your career.

I am not a fan of open diary blogs. To me they are confusing. But I’m willing to be proved wrong here.

Nothing is forever

You’re allowed to grow and pivot. So, if you pick a blog topic and want to change it… do it. The audience for the old blog topic will flex and adjust, you’ll lose some and gain others.

Narrow it down

If you are one of those people who finds it hard to narrow down the blog topics, because you’re just so interested in “all the things.” The array of choices might be a reflection that you have yet to define your “why?”

My “why” for this blog is:

Teach how to build an online reputation, share knowledge, and earn money online.

It is a personal driver for me because, during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was designing websites and consulting businesses AND just had a newborn baby. Clients and friends who wanted help establishing online businesses, but I didn’t have enough hours in the day to take care of a baby and build websites for everyone who wanted one. So, this blog is my way of helping my audience.

The magic of a blog is in how it grows and centralizes an audience from your in-person network and social media. Here's how to pick a blogging topic.


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