Well, Hello There

I’m Lacey

A Creative & Energetic Force of Nature

Virgo sun, Libra moon, Capricorn rising
I care about the quality of relationships, the beauty of life, rituals that enhance the everyday, and the freedom to explore.

Where You’ll find Me:

My main gig:

Highly Anticipated Brand & Web Design

I created a planner

Plan Focus Flow Planner

January 2024 Monthly Recap

My very first monthly recap. Let me know what you all are up to? https://youtu.be/gfkO4FY1wCU

Creating an Ideal Day

I struggle so much more without a routine; so I’m trying out the work/life balance hack or time mapping.

Designing a Planner

The summer of 23′ I designed and published my own planner. After seeing a gap on the market for a lightweight and flexible planner, for us with ADHD designing a planner has taught me so much.

Life Motto

I've had two major depressive episodes in my life. That shit is humbling, AF. But, you know what...

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