Feeling Down? Try a ‘Feel Good Adventure’

I feel like crap today. 

Like, what am I even doing with my life? 

I haven’t replied to text messages in like four days. That’s not cool.

Okay, stop. I need a new plan. Like, for days when the inner chatter is going crazy. 

Back when I was in school, there was this class that was super hard. And guess what, I aced it! How? I made two notebooks. One for quick notes in class, and one for “homework.” I translated my notes into fun, graphic-based notes that were easy to understand. That’s how I learn best.

So, when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I grab my iPad and make a map of the steps I need to take to feel better. 

Start with a reality check, then focus on how I want to feel. Then, slow down and come up with a plan.

First, I check in with my work and life communications, then I tackle the mess in my home. 

Movement is great for a racing mind, so some exercise should help calm me down. 

Hungry yet? Time for some healthy food. 

When was the last time I had fun? Dance party!

And finally, the best part of all – an everything shower! She buffs, she scrubs, she soaks off all the grime.

That’s my feel-good adventure. Hey, if I’m not feeling hunny (100%), at least I’m probably tired enough to get some sleep.

Feeling overwhelmed and down? Don't worry, you're not alone. We all have days when everything seems to go wrong. But don't let those days drag you down! With a little planning and self-care, you can turn things around and start feeling better in no time.
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