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Website hosting stores the files that make up the visual parts of your blog. A website’s design is made up of code and files. When you buy a domain, it allows you attach the file storage (hosting) and park that onto the website’s address.

So you can have a website without hosting, but if you want it to look like a website, you’ll need to buy hosting which holds the files.


A few notes:

– I’m not a fan of products that are named “WordPress Hosting” they are typically 2-10x more expensive then the hosting that you’ll actually need.

– Shared hosting means that a number of websites are hosted on one server, making it more economical.

 – Website speed is important in the long-term success of your blog. My recommendation is to get started with a less expensive hosting plan (which can mean slower load times), then when it’s up and running and you are optimizing it, consider upgrading your hosting plan to make it faster.

– Selecting a hosting plan, there are options for a “US Database” or “UK Database” – The database closest to the person viewing the website will be faster, so choose the area closest to your intend audience.


Step 1


Go to


Step 2


Navigate to “Hosting” and select “Shared Hosting”



Step 3


Select “Stellar Hosting” the lower priced level and “Add to Cart”

Step 4

 To connect your hosting to the domain, select “new domain name”


if you already bough your domain, select “Existing Domain Name”


and “Add to Cart”


Next Up

 When you buy hosting, it’s also a good time to add an SSL certificate. Learn more about SSL certificates here.


Step-by-Step How to Buy Wordpress Website Hosting for your blog with Namecheap.