Life Motto

I’ve had two major depressive episodes in my life.

That shit is humbling, AF.

But, you know what they say ‘you’ve survived all you worst days.’ And I’m oozing with gratitude from that trite platitude, because it’s the corniest shit, AND it’s so fucking true. Some of my friends weren’t so blessed and mental illness took them out way too soon.

Likely, what’s going on is a seasonal adjustment, or perhaps my prescription of Welbutrin needs upping… but the tiredness and out of left-field sad thoughts that pop up and then drill down me with a repetitive force are coming back.

Now, because this is not my first rodeo; there will be an immediate appointment made with my psychologist. In the meantime, in need to try and intercede these drilling thoughts with a positive mantra, here’s what I’m saying:

Create. Connect. Live in Gratitude. Let the Good Things Roll In.

Honestly, I can feel my blood pressure drop just typing it on the computer.

I’ll keep you updated on the socials with my health. But, I’m hopeful I can nip this serotonin downturn in bud quickly.

And, if you are in mental distress or pain; and contemplating hurting yourself or others. There is a lot of high-quality, free, and compassionate help available: Crisis Text Line provides free, 24/7 support via text message. Text HOME to 741741.

Depressive thoughts? Not today Satan. But seriously, I needed to create a positive thought to spiral down while my brain is glitching on repetitiveness and this is what I've come up with.
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