Saturn Return in Scorpio

Around your 30th birthday, plus or minus a few years, the universe delivers a cosmic (joke) gift in the form of a Saturn Return.

Saturn Returns are significant because it usually presents an essential theme in the form of events as a lesson you need to learn that will re-write the terms of adulthood.

You can calculate when your Saturn Return is and what Sign it is in here:

Now go to this site to blow your GD Mind:

Have you already had your first Saturn Return? Was the theme spot on?

My Saturn Return happened when I was 28-29 years old in the sign Scorpio.

From Cosmopolitan:

The Saturn Return represents an incredibly important turning point here for Saturn Scorpios some kind of transformation in your identity and consequent lifestyle. Themes of money, power and sex are all up for review and change. At the end of these 2.5 – 3 years it’s likely your life will be heading in a new, authentic direction.


My adult life up to that point was a nice suburban existence, with the houses, the kid, the nice car. And just like clockwork, I started exploring my sexuality with the blessing of my partner.

Within the Saturn Return, I divorced, started to date women, met my now husband where we lived in a tiny apartment (happily).

The experience was really challenging, questioning identity, sexuality, my relationship with the tokens a nice white women collects through life… And, it was totally what I needed to become my most authentic self now.

So, if you’re in the middle of a particularly brutal Saturn Return, hang in there. Explore the lesson that all the changes are doing for you, and know it’s only for a limited time.

And, then the next one… yeah, it’ll show up again in your 60s… JOY.

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